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Elevate Your Valentine's: Purna Rai Live at 'Echoes of Love' Event

Elevate Your Valentine's: Purna Rai Live at 'Echoes of Love' Event

January 24, 2024

Ticket Sanjal

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Valentine's Week than with an unforgettable evening of soulful melodies? Get ready for a heartwarming experience as we present the much-anticipated event: "Echoes of Love" featuring the incredibly talented Purna Rai live at Club Platinum on February 10, 2024.

Purna Rai Live: A Musical Journey Through Emotions

Purna Rai, the maestro of heart-touching songs, is set to enchant the audience with his live performance at Club Platinum. Known for his emotive renditions and soulful voice, Purna Rai promises an intimate musical journey that transcends the ordinary.

Echoes of Love: An Evening to Remember

Step into the dreamy ambiance of Club Platinum on Valentine's Week and let the "Echoes of Love" event elevate your celebration. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere designed to resonate with the deepest emotions, complemented by the enchanting tunes of Purna Rai.

Why Attend 'Echoes of Love'?

Unforgettable Melodies: Experience the magic of Purna Rai's live performance as he brings to life the songs that have touched hearts around the nation.

Intimate Setting: Club Platinum provides the perfect backdrop for an intimate and romantic evening, creating an atmosphere where the music becomes a shared experience.

Exclusive Ticketing: Secure your spot for this special night exclusively through Ticket Sanjal & Khalti, ensuring an uninterrupted connection with the soulful sounds of Purna Rai from February 10th to the early morning of February 11th.

Seamless Experience: Club Platinum goes the extra mile to ensure a seamless event, providing top-notch sound and lighting, dedicated staff, and bouncers for a worry-free celebration.

How to Make the Most of the Evening

Grab Your Tickets: Visit Ticket Sanjal ( now to secure your tickets and reserve your place for an evening filled with love and beautiful music.

Plan Your Evening: Combine the event with a romantic dinner or a leisurely stroll, making the most of Valentine's week with your loved ones.

Share the Love: Spread the word! Share your excitement for "Echoes of Love" on social media using #PurnaRaiLive and #EchoesOfLove.


Make this Valentine's Day truly special by immersing yourself in the soulful tunes of Purna Rai live at Club Platinum. "Echoes of Love" promises an evening of emotions, shared connections, and unforgettable memories. Reserve your spot now, and let the music create lasting echoes of love in your heart. πŸŽΆπŸ’–

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