The Essence of Stock Market Investing

The Essence of Stock Market Investing

23 Jun
1:29 PM Onwards

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Ticket Sanjal


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Learn the essence of successful stock market investing in Nepal with The Aware Alpha Investor Crash Course! Designed for all levels, this 6-day crash course equips you with essential tools to create your own investment strategies and achieve risk-adjusted returns. Taught by Mr. Bishesh Bajracharya, Director at KGH Holdings, London School of Economics alumnus, Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, and Finance Lecturer. 

This comprehensive course covers interpreting news, understanding market workings, analyzing company performances, navigating market behavior, and reading technical charts. No stock recommendations or trading strategies - we empower you to make informed decisions! 

What will you learn:

Understanding fundamentals of the stock market: Demystify the complex concepts.

Create a winning strategy: explore various strategies that resonate with your goal and risk level. 

Learn the market trends with the technical charts: Read charts, find and entry and exit points, time your trade effectively. 

Art of risk management: Understand the crucial part of risk management and safeguard your investment against market volatility. 

Emotions and Psychology in Investing: Learn how to avoid the common emotional pitfalls and bad decision-making. 


The Aware Alpha Investor Crash Course:

From August 1, 2023
⏰ 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm via Zoom 

Day 1: Introduction to Stocks
Day 2: Understanding Financial Statements
Day 3: Ratios and Metrics for Stock Evaluation
Day 4: Evaluating Market Performance
Day 5: Strategy Building, Technical Charts, and Stock Trading Simulation on NEPSE
Day 6: QNA Session

Join us to gain the tools and knowledge needed for successful stock market engagement in Nepal. Experience a hands-on stock trading simulation on NEPSE! Don't miss out!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Provide an accurate email address while booking a class. 

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